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We had a technical difficulty that rendered this weeks episode as useful as a Ben Simmons three point attempt. Instead of trying to re-record while pretending we hadn’t heard each other’s arguments already; we decided to put together a quick update on all of the things this week’s show would have brought. We’ll be back next week on all your favorite podcast apps stronger than Semi Ojeleye’s sternum. Thanks for reading and listening.

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We start the week talking about Becky Hammon and her odds of getting to coach the Spurs. She and Tim Duncan Look to be the favorites for the job. Las Vegas favors Tim with +300 and gives Becky a +155. Whatever the numbers are we all believe Becky will make a fine coach somewhere in the league.

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We next move onto James Harden’s hooking of arms during drives that lead to him taking free throws. We think it’s pretty egregious sometimes but KD was doing the arm up and under move to get shooting fouls for years until the league adjusted. We think they will with James too. For now, it’s borderline Genius and he will continue to get away with it until the league decides it would like to place and emphasis on calling the tough to call foul. Harden is averaging 14.4 FTA this season, the Indiana Pacers are averaging 17.6!

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As we continue our weekly segment check in with Luka we discuss the fact that he became the second youngest player to notch a 40 pt triple double. Trailing only Lebron for the youngest ever. He also became the first Dallas Maverick to go for 30+ in three straight games since Dirk. Luka’s got jokes too, saying that the Mavs D had improved because last year dirk was playing defense.

From young new Superstars to ones trying to re-invent themselves we move the story of an old timer trying to start new The Blazers Signed Carmelo Anthony and time has yet to tell us. Paul and Jesse believe that he will help the Blazers and the season continues so long as he can stay healthy and keep the ego in check. Dwight is doing great things beyond when people may have thought he might and that is due in large part to his improved attitude about being a role player and at his age and skill set. Through two games Melo is averaging 14/5.5/2. I don’t think I (Jesse) have believed in Carmelo this much in a long time. Stay Humble Melo.

Kemba Walker had a scary injury this week but it seems that he’ll be fine. Despite being taken off the court on a stretcher with a neck brace in Denver and sent to the hospital for concussion symptoms. All his tests came back with positive results and he was able to rejoin the Celtics to travel back to Boston. We will continue to update this when it is needed. What is Semi Ojeleye made of?

A Few NBA Quick Hitters:

Patrick Beverly fined $5k for Flopping

Marcus Smart has altercation with fan

NBA City Jerseys Released

Possible Change to Playoff Seeding, Season Length and a Mid-Season Tournament?

NBA Players of the Week

NBA Power Rankings

NFL News and Updates

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Kaep Gets no offers. The NFL seems to have had some motives for this workout all along but Colin high-jacked it and made it his own thing. We all agreed on last weeks episode that he knew there was likely a slim chance he’d be signed and therefore continued to be a champion for his cause.

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The NFL handed out some huge fines after all the dust had settled from the Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett Incident. The fines total $732,422 and Mason Rudolph was hit the hardest (see what I did there?) with a fine of $50k. Maurkice Pouncey was able to get one game removed from his suspension during his appeal. Myles Garrett also appealed and levied quite a heavy allegation toward Mason Rudolph. If this allegation is true it game changing for Mason. It doesn’t seem that the NFL is looking into the allegation with any closer scrutiny than they already have while fining over 30 players 3/4 of $1,000,000.

Thanks again for reading, next episode will be up this Saturday and will continue that way for the foreseeable future. Hang in there with us!

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